About IXYS Colorado

About IXYS Colorado

IXYS Colorado was founded in 1987 as Directed Energy, Incorporated by George Krausse, Dave Adamson, and Ron Sherwood. The goal was simple; bring RF Power MOSFETs to the industry and provide uncompromising performance through our patented DE-Series low inductance, high speed, high power density package. As we worked with customers we realized that there was also a need for system and module products that provided high power and/or high voltage pulses at high speed. We developed the instrument product line to fill satisfy this need and help customers fulfill their end requirements without the need to develop, manufacture or maintain this niche technology.

Designing the original DE-Series package to achieve the extreme performance improvements meant using our patented low inductance design along with BeO, Aluminum Nitride ceramic components along with other specialized materials.  As the technology became more widely accepted, we realized that many markets that were not currently using our device would benefit from the high performance of our package design but we would have to find a way to reduce the cost (and later remove BeO).

During this time, one of our best suppliers of silicon die was IXYS Corporation, whose die we used in many of the original DE-Series devices. We approached IXYS with a proposed partnership to reduce cost by taking our packaging concept to a more traditional semiconductor manufacturing process. After discussing the idea the IXYS management team responded with an offer to purchase Directed Energy and on May 16th, 2000 Directed Energy, became a wholly owned subsidiary of IXYS.

Now, with the IXYSRF brand, we continue to provide high-performance MOSFETs, Drivers and Integrated Modules using the DE-Series package. By working with the design team at IXYS we have developed die specifically for use in our DE-Series package and have leveraged the available of industry standard packaging to make our technology available to a wider array of applications and markets.

The DEI brand continues to serve customers around the world with pulsed laser diode drivers and high voltage pulsers in benchtop, rackmount and module configurations to address a broad spectrum of customer needs. We feature a Lab to Launch program that allows us to work closely with customer development teams to reduce overall development cost by leveraging our expertise in pulsed power. The end result is an OEM module or instrument that is tailored to the needs of the customer's application or product.

Here in our 5,400 square foot Colorado facility is focused on customer service, research and development and logistics.

We look forward to working with you! Please contact us anytime!