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Product Change & Discontinuation Notices Files

IXYS_USA_2011010 IXFK44N50F IXFX44N50F Product Discontinuation

  • The IXYS IXFK44N50F and IXFX44N50F MOSFETs have been discontinued and replaced by newer technology devices. The recommended replacements are the IXFK64N50Q3 and IXFX64N50Q3.

PCN-042417-001 IXRFD631 Solder Reflow Manufacturing

  • The IXRFD631 is manufactured with material that is not rated for the high temperatures required for a reflow solder process. Therefore these devices are not recommended for use in manufacturing processes using solder reflow. As a part of this PCN, the product part number has been changed to IXRFD631-NFR from IXRFD631.

PCN-121115-002 Relocation of gate bond wires

  • Version: V3
  • Relocation of gate bond wires on DE-Series (DE-150, DE-275, DE-275X2, DE-375 and DE-475 series), and ZMOS IXZ2 and IXZ3 series devices, from the Lead Frame to the DCB substrate.