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How much current will the PCO-6131 draw from a 24 V supply?

The idle power consumption (power consumed when the driver is enabled but not pulsing) varies non-linearly with output current. An approximate value can be calculated with the formula:

PIDLE = I2 x 0.005

where I is the output current set point.

When pulsing, the switching losses (PSW) are about 30 W. Therefore, the 24 VDC power requirements can be approximated by:

P = PSW + DC [(IOUT x VOUT) + (IOUT2 x 0.015)] + (1-DC) PIDLE

where VOUT is the diode forward voltage and DC is the duty cycle.

For example, at 80 A output current, 10 V diode voltage and 30% duty cycle, the power consumption is:

P = 30 + 0.3 [(80 x 10) + (802 x 0.015)] + (1-0.3) [802 x 0.005] = 322W. The +24 VDC support power should be sized to provide that amount of average power.

  • Thursday, 06 November 2014