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PRF-1150 1kW 13.56MHz Class E RF Evaluation Module

PRF-1150 1kW 13.56MHz Class E RF Evaluation Module


Designed for evaluation purposes, the PRF-1150 provides a reference for utilizing IXYSRF MOSFETs and driver in a Class E generator application producing 1kW of RF power in the ISM band at 13.56MHz.

The compact, self-contained layout only requires an external power supply, 50 ohm load, and cooling fan for high efficiency, 1kW operation. The PRF-1150 operation and design is also detailed in an application note, located on the IXYSRF web page, that provides additional design information concerning the Class E topology, IXYSRF components, and to help users create their own class E generators.


  • Fully tested
  • Easy to use
  • Optimized circuit layout to assist users with their own designs
  • Small compact design