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DVRFM631 Combination MOSFET and Gate Driver Development Boards

DVRFM631 Combination MOSFET and Gate Driver Development Boards


The DVRFM631DF18N50 and DVRFM631DF12N100 development boards are general purpose circuit boards designed to simplify the evaluation of the IXZ631DF18N50 500V 18A and  IXZ631DF12N100 1000V 12A combination gate driver and MOSFET RF power modules, and to provide a building block for power circuit development.

While the circuit board is the same, either a 500 V DVRFM631DF18N50 or 1000 V DVRFM631DF12N100 module is available and is factory installed and fully tested. The board design allows the module to be mounted to a heat sink, and in doing so allows the board assembly to be used as a ground referenced, low-side power switch


  • Fully tested
  • Easy to use
  • Optimized layout to assist users with their own designs
  • Small and compact



  • Demonstrate operation of IXYSRF power modules
  • Low-side ground referenced power switch

Ordering Information

DVRFM631DF18N50: 500 V 18A configuration with IXZ631DF18N50 device.

DVRFM631DF12N100: 1000 V 12A configuration with IXZ631DF12N100 device.