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DVRFD615X2 MOSFET Driver Demonstration Board

DVRFD615X2 MOSFET Driver Demonstration Board


The DVRFD615X2 development board is a general-purpose circuit board designed to simplify the evaluation of the gate driver and provide a building block for power circuit development. The IXRFD615X2 gate driver is factory installed on the evaluation board and is fully tested. The DVRFD615X2 150/275 configuration enables the user to drive DE150- or DE275-sized DE Series MOSFETs with their lower drive requirements. The board design allows both the driver and MOSFETs to be attached to a heat sink, and in doing so allows the board assembly to be used as a ground-referenced, low-side power switch.


  • Choose either DE150 or DE275 series package for use
  • Easy to use, requiring only the two input signals and supply voltage
  • Fully tested and operational
  • Optimized layout to reduce parasitic inductance
  • Small overall board size


  • Evaluation of IXRFD615X2 MOSFET gate driver
  • Low-side ground referenced power switch
  • Building block for single-ended and push-pull topologies

Ordering Information

Evaluation Board Model Description
DVRFD615X2-150/275 IXRFD615X2 Gate Driver, accommodates DE150 or DE275 series MOSFETs