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PIM-Mini Series Laser Diode Driver Development Kit

PIM-Mini Series Laser Diode Driver Development Kit

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MINI-5 Development Kit


MINI-10 Development Kit


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MINI-200 Development Kit



This PIM-Mini laser diode driver development kit includes the PIM-Mini Laser Diode Driver, plus everything required to send single shot pulses from 25 µs to 250 µs to a laser with a forward voltage of up to 12 V. It allows current amplitude and pulse width control via USB computer control or a color touch screen via a PDG-2500 digital pulse generator.


  • Includes everything except the laser
  • Simple touch screen control or computer control via USB
  • Easily adjusted with an internal potentiometer or an analog voltage from the PDG-2500 Digital Pulse Generator
  • Interface PCBA schematics included
  • Interface PCBA Gerbers available
  • PIM-Mini mounting information included


  • Simplify your OEM development.
  • PDG-2500 Digital Pulse Generator provides a wide range of pulse capabilities.
  • The PIM-Mini can be setup using an internal current control or an analog control from the PDG-2500 instrument.
  • The system support power is provided from the AC/DC power adapter, which also provides a forward voltage up to 12 V.
  • The laser or load is connected to the PIM-Mini with 22 AWG twisted pair cable (included) with a length of 15 cm (6 inches) or less.



  • Simplify your OEM development.
  • Troubleshoot laser system with a simple pulse system that is easy to put together and setup for test.
  • Test laser system using an inexpensive tool.
  • Use different settings with the touch screen control of the PDG-2500 for different laser systems.