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PCO-7114 50A 4ns Laser Diode Driver

PCO-7114 50A 4ns Laser Diode Driver

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The PCO-7114 is a compact and economical pulsed-current OEM laser diode driver module that provides up to 50 Ampere current at a fixed pulse width of ≤4 nanoseconds at up to 650KHz pulse repetition frequency.

Mounting pads are provided to mount the laser diode directly to the driver. The four-hole mounting pattern accepts TO-18, TO-5, TO-52, 5.6 mm, and 9 mm packages. To accommodate other diode packages and mounting configurations, two solder pads at the end of the board accept various laser diode packages mounted on-axis to the driver. Alternately, low-inductance stripline cable can be used for connection to a remotely located diode.

Output current is controlled with the voltage at the high-voltage input. The output frequency is controlled by the trigger input frequency.

A current monitor output may be viewed with an oscilloscope, providing a straight-forward means to observe the diode current waveform in real-time.


  • 5A To 50A Output
  • ≤4ns at 20A to 50A Output;
    ≤5ns at 5A to 19.99A Output
    ≤6ns at 0A to 4.99A Output
  • Pulse Repetition Frequency To 650KHz
  • Pulsed Current Monitor Output



The PCO-7114 is designed to provide extremely fast high-current pulses for driving laser diodes in:

  • Range finders
  • LIDAR (Light Detection And Ranging)
  • ADAS (Advanced driver-assistance systems)
  • Other applications requiring high-current nanosecond pulses