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PCO-6141 60A Laser Diode Driver

PCO-6141 60A Laser Diode Driver


The PCO-6141 is a compact, OEM-style high power pulsed current source designed to drive diode lasers, bars and arrays in pulsed, QCW or CW modes. It delivers output current variable to 60A, pulse widths variable from less than 100ns to DC and pulse repetion frequencies variable from single-shot to 500khz at duty cycles up to 100%.

The PCO-6141 features a user-adjustable variable rise time control. This innovative feature allows the user to adjust the rise time within a range of 1.5μs by means of a PCB-mounted potentiometer, to optimize the driver’s rise time for the user’s application.

The PCO-6141 is based on a hysteretic, average current, switch-mode regulator. This type of regulator is a variable frequency, variable pulse width design which maintains current in an energy storage inductor between a minimum and maximum level. This architecture provides a high performance driver in a small form factor, with high operating efficiency and low stored energy.

At 60A output current, the stored energy in the driver is approximately 7 Joules, dramatically lower than the stored energy in comparable linear current sources.


  • 0A To 60A Output
  • Less than 100ns to DC Variable Pulse Width
  • 20V Maximum Output Voltage
  • 1.2kW Maximum Average Output Power
  • User-Adjustable Variable Rise Time
  • Repetition Frequency Single-Shot To 500KHz



The PCO-6141 is designed to drive diode lasers, bars and arrays in pulsed, QCW or CW modes. The rugged, compact design and high power capability of the PCO-6141 make it an excellent OEM choice for driving high power laser diodes.