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PCM-7510 250A Laser Diode Driver

PCM-7510 250A Laser Diode Driver


The PCM-7510 delivers current pulses variable from 10 to 250 Amps with up to 1250 Watts of total output power. Pulse widths can vary from 5μS to 5 msec, with rise times and fall times of 2μsec to 8μsec. An internal trigger provides pulse repetition frequencies from 40 to 5000 Hertz. Operating the instrument is simple utilizing the color touch screen and intuitive graphical user interface. The instrument can also be controlled utilizing an standard RS232 interface with a few simple commands and queries.


  • Output Current up to 250 Amps
  • Output Voltage up to 120 Volts
  • Output Power up to 1250 Watts
  • Touch screen operation
  • RS232 computer interface


The PCM-7510 is designed to drive laser diodes, bars and arrays with forward voltages from 0.7 to 120V, and output power up to 1250W.