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PCX-7500 Series 450A Pulsed Laser Diode Driver

PCX-7500 Series 450A Pulsed Laser Diode Driver

Selection Guide

Model # Compliance Voltage Max Output Power1
PCX-7500-5 0 V to 5 V 100W
PCX-7500-12 5 V to 12 V 225W
PCX-7500-17 12 V to 17 V 400W
PCX-7500-24 17 V to 24 V 450W
PCX-7500-30 24 V to 30 V 600W
PCX-7500-38 30 V to 38 V 700W
PCX-7500-48 38 V to 48 V 700W
PCX-7500-54 48 V to 54 V 700W
PCX-7500-62 54 V to 62 V 700W
PCX-7500-66 62 V to 66 V 700W
PCX-7500-73 66 V to 73 V 700W
PCX-7500-78 73 V to 78 V 750W
PCX-7500-86 78 V to 86 V 800W
PCX-7500-94 86 V to 94 V 900W
PCX-7500-102 94 V to 102 V 950W
PCX-7500-110 102 V to 110 V 1000W

1 Operation of instrument outside of the listed compliance voltage and maximum power limits can cause permanent damage to the instrument and/or load. Please see SOA graphs in manual for more information.


Precision Pulse Control

The PCX-7500 is an air-cooled, high power current source designed to drive laser diodes, bars, and arrays. The output current can be set from 10 A to 450 A, compliance voltage dependant on the model of system. The pulse width is adjustable between 4 µs to 5,000 µs, with a frequency of 8 Hz to 10,000 Hz.

Ease of Setup and Operation

The PCX-7500 may be operated through its intuitive front panel controls. The color QVGA LCD provides immediate visual confirmation of all operating parameters, including pulsed cur¬rent set points, internal trigger pulse width, internal trigger frequency, and error/fault messages.

Complete System Integration

For automated applications, complete control of the instrument is provided through RS-232, USB and Ethernet computer interfaces. Up to four system configurations may be stored in internal non-volatile memory, providing instant recall of frequently-used configurations.

Low Inductance Output Cable

The laser diode is connected to the PCX-7500 through a low impedance strip line cable, designed to preserve the fidelity of high-speed current pulses. The output connector is interlocked, so that the PCX-7500 is disabled when the connector is removed.

Internal or External Triggering

Conveniently located front panel BNC connectors allow the PCX-7500 to be externally triggered and synchronized for specialized interconnected equipment applications. The input impedance of the trigger is selectable to either 50Ω or 10,000Ω. The synchronization output pulse is synchronized to the leading edge of the output current pulse and is active with internal or external trigger.


  •  Output current from 10 A to 450 A
  •  Output voltage up to 110 V
  •  Rise and Fall times less than 15 us
  •  Intuitive color touch screen control.
  •  Shipped with RS-232, USB and Ethernet computer interfaces


  • 10 A to 450 A output current adjustable following a simple safe operating table.
  • Different compliance voltages available depending on the model of the PCX-7500.
  • Simple to use touch screen operation.
  • Four system configurations may be stored in internal non-volatile memory.
  • Complete computer control via RS-232, USB or Ethernet interfaces.
  • A low impedance strip line output cable is provided.
  • Internal or External triggering.
  • Current and Voltage monitor BNC connections.


The PCX-7500 is designed to drive laser diodes, bars and arrays with voltage drops up to 110V and output power up to 1000W.