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PCX-6425 150A 120V Pulsed Laser Diode Driver

PCX-6425 150A 120V Pulsed Laser Diode Driver


Precision Pulse Control

The PCX-6425 is an air-cooled, high-power current source designed to drive laser diodes, bars, and arrays. The output current can be set from 1 A to 150 A. The load voltage can be set from 0 V to 120 V. The pulse width is adjustable from 100 μs to 5,000 μs with a frequency range from single shot to 100 Hz.

System Operation

The PCX-6425 output current and output voltage is set with the encoder on the front of the system. The display allows the user to view all settings on the home screen. These settings are the current output, voltage output, current trip point, and voltage trip point. The pulse width and frequency is controlled with the trigger input at the front panel BNC Gate connection.

The PCX-6425 system also has the ability to set the current trip point and the voltage trip point.

The user should ensure the instrument is never operated outside of the SOA curves (see the PCX-6425 datasheet and operation manual for SOA curves).

Complete System Integration

For automated applications, complete control of the instrument is provided through a Serial interface or a USB interface. The connections are on the rear of the instrument.

Low Inductance Output Cable

The laser diode is connected to the front panel of the PCX-6425 through a low impedance twisted pair cable designed to preserve the fidelity of high-speed current pulses.

Internal or External Triggering

A conveniently-located front panel BNC connector allow the PCX-6425 to be externally triggered. The impedance of the trigger input is 50 Ω. The current monitor and voltage monitor are also located on the front panel utilizing a BNC connector for each.


  •  Variable output current from 0 amperes to 150 amperes
  •  Variable output voltage from 0 volts to 120 volts
  •  Rise and Fall times less than 25 μs
  •  Intuitive color touch screen control
  •  Shipped with RS-232 and USB computer interfaces


  • 0 A to 150 A output current adjustable following a simple safe operating table.
  • User-adjustable compliance voltage is variable from 0V to 120V.
  • Simple to use touch screen operation.
  • Complete computer control via RS-232 or USB interfaces.
  • A low impedance twisted pair output cable is provided.
  • Internal or External triggering.
  • Current and Voltage monitor BNC connections.


The PCX-6425 is designed to drive laser diodes, bars and arrays with voltage drops up to 120V and output current up to 150A in research, laboratory, scientific and industrial applications.

Ordering Information

The PCX-6425 includes the laser diode driver system and one output cable.


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