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PVM-4210 ±950V Pulse Generator Module

PVM-4210 ±950V Pulse Generator Module


The PVM-4210 module provides two pulse output channels, controlled by a common control logic. When the control logic receives a gate signal, both channels pulse simultaneously. One channel pulses from ground to the positive high voltage, and the other channel pulses from ground to the negative high voltage. Therefore each output can be connected to the electrodes of a Pockels Cell or Q-Switch, or to a pair of deflection plates, providing a 1,900V differential pulse across the cell or plates.

These outputs may also be inverted, to pulse from the high voltage potential to ground. The width and frequency of the output pulses follow the width and frequency of the TTL input gate. The amplitude of the output pulse voltage for each channel is independently adjustable from 0 to 950V using screwdriver-adjustable potentiometers readily accessible on the end panel of the pulser module.


• Simultaneous Positive And Negative 0 To +950V and 0 To –950V

• >20KHz Pulse Repetition Frequency

• Internal High Voltage Power Supplies


The PVM-4210 is optimized for differential drive of deflection plates for electrostatic modulation of particle beams in time-of-flight mass spectrometers and accelerators. It will also drive any high impedance, capacitive load such as Pockels Cells and Q Switches, electrodes, microchannel plates, acoustic transducers, image intensifiers and photomultiplier tubes. The exceptional pulse fidelity of the PVM-4210 will optimize the performance of any system in which it is used.