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PVM-1001 950V Pulse Generator Module

PVM-1001 950V Pulse Generator Module

Selection Guide

  • PVM-1001-P: Positive Output Polarity Module
  • PVM-1001-N: Negative Output Polarity Module
  • PVA-1001: Input and Output Cable Accessory Kit


The PVM-1001 can achieve zero to 950 V in less than 10 ns (Rise Time). This adjustable pulsed voltage source is capable of providing pulse widths from 55 ns to 10,000 ns with a standard frequency range up to 1MHz. The PVM-1001 can also provide a 5 MHz burst. The module is designed for a 50 ohm resistive load.

The output pulse width and frequency of the PVM-1001 are controlled by an external trigger source. The PVM-1001 requires an external positive or negative high voltage supply. There are two models available, one for positive and another for negative output.

The rear panel of the PVM-1001 has connectors for high voltage input and pulsed high voltage output. The front panel has an SMB connector used for triggering the instrument.


  • Output Voltage Range 0 V to 950 V
  • Frequency Range ≤ 1 MHz
  • Burst Mode ≤ 5 MHz
  • Trigger pulse width 55 ns ≤ Pulse width ≤ 10,000 ns
  • Rise Time ≤ 8 ns @ 200 V to 950 V
  • Positive or Negative polarity modules available
  • Maximum Output Power 208 W
  • Simple to setup and use


Typical applications are instrument calibration, component testing, beam steering and PMT and MCP gating.