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PVX-2506 50V 10A Pulse Generator

PVX-2506 50V 10A Pulse Generator


The PVX-2506 is designed using a bi-directional MOSFET output stage using DEI's DE-Series Fast Power MOSFETs. This design provides fast rise and fall times, with minimal overshoot, undershoot and ringing and fast settling times. This controlled voltage waveform allows the device under test (DUT) to stabilize at voltage within a few hundred nanoseconds, allowing I-V measurements to be made before device heating begins. A quiescent (bias) voltage may be applied to the pulse generator, allowing the DUT to be held at a voltage other than zero, then pulsed above or below this voltage.

The pulse generator is a direct-coupled, air-cooled solid-state design, offering equally fast pulse rise and fall times, low power dissipation, and minimal over-shoot, under-shoot or ringing. It has over-current detection and shut-down circuitry to protect the pulse generator from potential damage due to arcs and shorts in the load or interconnect cable.


  • Output Voltage To +50V
  • Output Current To 10A
  • 50% Maximum Duty Cycle
  • Pulse widths from current monitors for data


Designed for precision pulsing of semiconductor devices for pulsed I-V characterization