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SIV-3028 Curve Tracer

SIV-3028 Curve Tracer


The SIV-3028 is an industry leading curve tracer that measures solar cells and solar panels in the lab or field, storing 100 measurements in non volatile memory. The unit displays a current versus voltage graph, current light conditions, V open circuit, P maximum power point, and I short circuit.

The instrument auto ranges while making all measurements to assure the maximum current and voltage resolutions. Operating the instrument is simple utilizing the color touch screen and intuitive graphical user interface. To make a measurement the user only has to press an icon on the main screen, the instrument then makes up to 300 unique current and voltage measurements, calculates V open circuit, P maximum power point, and I short circuit and reads the internal light sensor. After the measurement is made, the data is displayed on the LCD and stored into non volatile memory.

Transferring data to a computer is possible with the built in RS-232 interface. USB can be used to transfer data with an optional USB to RS232 cable.


  • Automatically reads and calculates Isc, Voc and Pmpp
  • Monitors and displays ambient light level in W/m2
  • Solar array, panel and individual photovoltaic cell measurements
  • Compact and rugged for field use
  • Battery powered for portability and electrical isolation
  • Touch screen operation