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Benchtop Laser Diode Driver EZ Selector

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Product  Output Control Output  Vfwd  Internal Pulse Repetition Rate External Pulse Repetition Rate PW  Tr Tf  Inputs  Manual  Datasheet
 PCX-7401 Touchscreen UI, Ethernet, RS232, USB 0.005A - 3.000A 15V Max 5Hz - 1MHz Single Shot to 1MHz >=100ns <100ns <100ns 100 - 240 VAC pdf-24PCX-7401 Manual pdf-24PCX-7401 Datasheet
 PCX-7420 Touchscreen UI, Ethernet, RS232, USB 2A - 21.5A .7V - 24V 40Hz - 100KHz Single Shot to 1MHz >=50ns <25ns <25ns 85 - 264 VAC pdf-24PCX-7420 Manual pdf-24PCX-7420 Datasheet

Front Panel UI, Ethernet, RS232, USB

10A - 450A 5.0V - 110V

8Hz to 10KHz

Single Shot to 10KHz

4us - 5ms



100 - 220 VAC

pdf-24PCX-7500 Manual pdf-24PCX-7500 Datasheet