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Pulse Generator Instrument EZ Selector

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Looking for an OEM high voltage pulse generator module? Visit our High Voltage Pulse Generator Modules Product Catalog here.

Product Output  Max. Frequency Pulse Width Risetime Input Power Manual   Datasheet
PVX-2506 +50V, 10A 50kHz 200ns - DC 200ns 90-240VAC, VL & VH pdf-24PVX-2506 Manual pdf-24PVX-2506 Datasheet
PVX-4150 +/-1,500V 240kHz 60ns - DC 25ns 90-240VAC, VL & VH pdf-24PVX-4150 Manual pdf-24PVX-4150 Datasheet
PVX-4140 +/-3,500V 30kHz 60ns - DC 25ns 90-240VAC, VL & VH pdf-24PVX-4140 Manual pdf-24PVX-4140 Datasheet
PVX-4130 +/-6,000V 10kHz 150ns - DC 60ns 90-240VAC, VL & VH pdf-24PVX-4130 Manual pdf-24PVX-4130 Datasheet
PVX-4110 +/-10,000V 10kHz 200ns - DC 60ns 90-240VAC, VL & VH pdf-24PVX-4110 Manual pdf-24PVX-4110 Datasheet